Candy Bouquet

Brady and I celebrated our 6th anniversary about a week ago.  Each year I try to get him a gift that matches the traditional gift of each year.  Well this year was candy!  I made Brady a Candy Bouquet.  It was really easy.

Nothing says love like a candy bouquet!

Green Foam Blocks
Craft Sticks
Hot Glue/Gun
4 boxes of candy
any type of candy bars (you can decide how many to put in)

I glued the boxes of candy to the foam blocks.  Then I glued the craft sticks to the candy bars.  After the glue sets on the candy bars you can just place the candy bar sticks into the green blocks.  I added Easter grass just to make it a little prettier!

Almost Weekly Garden Update

My garden has gone crazy!  All of my plants are huge.  I did not take a pictures to show you how big all of the plants are......maybe next week!  Below are my totals!
Sweet potatoes-0
Bell peppers-0
Jalepenos- The spaghetti squash strangled these plants :(
Spaghetti squash-0
Yellow squash-20
Cucumbers-I am pretty sure these plants are dead.  My pumpkins overtook the cucumbers space!
Happy Gardening!!