Storing plastic bags

How to organize plastic bags....put them in a coffee can.  I spray painted the can and added sparkly letters to make it pretty. I also put a slit in the lid so I could pull the bags out without opening the lid.

Also, if the can gets full I know it I have too many and I donate those.  I got a lot of cabinet space back by doing this! 

Christmas Pictures- Amost 3 months late!

Last fall, I decided I wanted to take Christmas pictures with the dogs.  Brady said I was not allowed to spend money on this because our dogs are bad and we would be wasting money.  So I convinced my friend Sarah to do pictures for us.   Below are the pictures and as you can probably guess the dogs did not like this adventure and we only got one good picture!

The "best" picture of the dogs

Duke with reindeer antlers and Duchess wearing a scarf.
I have a death grip on Duchess and Duke is trying to eat Brady's face!

Picture of the human family members..

Our favorite picture!

Why only one dog?  Duke was growling at Duchess so she ran off!

One last human only picture!

Vanilla Extract Update

Back in May I attempted to make my own vanilla.  It had to sit for 3 months, so I had to wait to test it.  In October I finally tested it while making Vanilla Pumpkin Pie.  On a scale of 1to 10, I would rate it a 6.5!  I definitely got what I paid for.  I will use both batches and then decide if I want to make more.

*Also, no pictures because I forgot to take any!