2012 Garden Final Numbers

Below are the final numbers for my garden. My strawberry plants still look awesome but they produced NOTHING!  My pumpkins were killed by some bug so I did not have the pumpkin patch that I had been dreaming of. I have to admit that I intentionally let my garden die.  Brady and I went on vacation and I had to return to work the day we got back from vacation.  Back to school can be busy so I just stopped watering my garden knowing it would kill it in a few days.  For the most part it worked.  Since it was dying I did not bother with keeping the weeds out.  So that is why there are no pictures for this post...well unless you want to see my awesome ability to grow weeds.  The dogs are enjoying their new  play space!  One last admission, my onion and potato numbers are really low because I could not find them in the weeds.  I am really embarrassed to admit that!

Sweet potatoes-0
Bell peppers-7
Spaghetti squash-27
Yellow squash-47
Good news is I already have ideas on how to make it better next year!