Chiefs vs. Broncos

I bought Brady tickets to the Chiefs/Broncos game for his birthday.  We are huge Manning fans so it was awesome to be able to see him.  I just wanted to post a few pictures from our trip.  And I have to give a huge shout out to Janelle for letting us crash at her place!  Enjoy the pics!
Manning calling a play!



Outside of stadium

View from our seat

Colquitt warming up.  He is also from TN

Peyton came out on the field to warm up!


Broncos coming on to the field

Thought it was so cool that these 3 guys went to the end zone to pray before each half

Chiefs coming on to the field


2012 Garden Final Numbers

Below are the final numbers for my garden. My strawberry plants still look awesome but they produced NOTHING!  My pumpkins were killed by some bug so I did not have the pumpkin patch that I had been dreaming of. I have to admit that I intentionally let my garden die.  Brady and I went on vacation and I had to return to work the day we got back from vacation.  Back to school can be busy so I just stopped watering my garden knowing it would kill it in a few days.  For the most part it worked.  Since it was dying I did not bother with keeping the weeds out.  So that is why there are no pictures for this post...well unless you want to see my awesome ability to grow weeds.  The dogs are enjoying their new  play space!  One last admission, my onion and potato numbers are really low because I could not find them in the weeds.  I am really embarrassed to admit that!

Sweet potatoes-0
Bell peppers-7
Spaghetti squash-27
Yellow squash-47
Good news is I already have ideas on how to make it better next year!

Garden Totals- June

I have not posted totals in almost 3 weeks, so here is a quick update! 

Onions-1 I pulled it out by accident.  I was pulling weeds and out came an onion.
Sweet potatoes-0
Bell peppers-2
Spaghetti squash-21
Yellow squash-40

Candy Bouquet

Brady and I celebrated our 6th anniversary about a week ago.  Each year I try to get him a gift that matches the traditional gift of each year.  Well this year was candy!  I made Brady a Candy Bouquet.  It was really easy.

Nothing says love like a candy bouquet!

Green Foam Blocks
Craft Sticks
Hot Glue/Gun
4 boxes of candy
any type of candy bars (you can decide how many to put in)

I glued the boxes of candy to the foam blocks.  Then I glued the craft sticks to the candy bars.  After the glue sets on the candy bars you can just place the candy bar sticks into the green blocks.  I added Easter grass just to make it a little prettier!

Almost Weekly Garden Update

My garden has gone crazy!  All of my plants are huge.  I did not take a pictures to show you how big all of the plants are......maybe next week!  Below are my totals!
Sweet potatoes-0
Bell peppers-0
Jalepenos- The spaghetti squash strangled these plants :(
Spaghetti squash-0
Yellow squash-20
Cucumbers-I am pretty sure these plants are dead.  My pumpkins overtook the cucumbers space!
Happy Gardening!!

Garden update

I just wanted to share a few pictures of the growing garden and my totals so far!

Sweet potatoes-0
Bell peppers-0
Spaghetti squash-0
Yellow squash-2

My Yellow Squash babies!

Spaghetti Squash

One of the Strawberry plants.  I have moved them out of the garden since my watermelon plant was taking them over!

I planted 4 pepper plants and I am now down to 2

My onion patch!

So ready for tomatoes!

Pumpkin Patch

Vanilla extract

I made my own vanilla extract a few weeks ago  Here are the directions:

In each quart jar, I split 3 vanilla beans.

I filled one of the jars with vodka and the other one with bourbon.

 You seal the jars and let it sit for 3 months!

I will give you an update in 3 months after I try it!

Garden 2012

I planted my garden a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of the garden
Not the best picture!

Each week I plan on updating my blog with weekly totals.
Here is what I have planted:
Sweet potatoes
Bell peppers
Spaghetti squash
Yellow squash

Duchess loves to work in the garden!

I'm Not Lost

  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything.  I have not forgotten about my has just been really busy lately!  Once I get caught up with things at home I will post some projects that I have done!

Dish Soap

Once again Sarah and I decided that we were going to save money! We decided to make our own dishwasher soap.  I was really excited because the recipe we found claimed that it worked great with well water.  It seemed like an answer to my prayer since I hate the hard water spots on my dishes!  I washed a load of dishes but I could not see a difference. I continued to use the soap since I did not want to be wasteful.  After about 5 washes, I started to notice a difference.  The hard water stains on the dishwasher were disappearing and my drinking glasses were looking clearer.  Sarah has decided to not use the soap any more since it did not get the baby bottles clean.

Here is the recipe:
* 2 cups of borax

* 2 cups Arm and Hammer Washing Soda

* 2 cups Lemi Shine.  The next time I make this, I will not add this to the mixture.  It made the powder one solid, rock.  I will just sprinkle a little in each load.

* 1 cup Kosher Salt

Mix it all together and it is ready to go.  It takes 1 Tbsp/load.  I also add vinegar to the rinse aid spot.

Diaper Shower Invites

My friend Erin is pregnant so Sarah and I are throwing her a diaper shower. As I was looking online for cute invitations, I found the perfect ones!  Problem was, they were $3/piece.  That was just way too expensive for me!  I decided I would just make them myself.  I have a wonderful friend that helped me bring this creation to life!  I am pretty proud of below.  And also they ended up being about $1.40 each.

Laundry Soap

My friend Sarah and I decided to make laundry soap a few weeks ago.  I haven't posted about it on my blog until now because I could not get the lid off and my husband was never home when I needed it opened!

This is the website Laundry Soap where we found the recipe for the soap.  I have really liked it so far  and it was REALLY cheap!  I found everything at Dillon's. Since I did not take pictures while we made it, I only have the finished product.  The next time I make it I will probably add some scent since that it is the only thing that I miss about this soap.

 Finished Product- this is a 5 gallon bucket.

Jewelry Holder

Let me start off with saying that I suck at taking pictures.  I forget to take pictures before and during projects.  At the end of the project I finally remember to take a picture.....and I just don't take very good pictures!  So I have pictures for this post but I did not remember to take any until today....and the picture is bad because the jewelry holder has already been hung in the closet so I did not have the space to get a good picture!

On to the real reason for this post........

A few summers back I sold vegetables at a Farm and Art Market.  There was another girl there that sold these awesome looking jewelry holders.  I never ended up buying one from her during the summer.  After that I could not find a way to contact her. One day at Kirkland's I saw a similar jewelry holder.....but it was $50!  I did not want to spend that much.  That is when I decided to make my would be cheaper, right?  I went on Pinterest and found some ideas and tips on how to make one.  Below is a picture of the one I made.  I also made one for my Grandma.  For both of them I ended up spending close to $90.  It ended up being cheaper but not by much!

 You can't tell by the horrible picture but the earrings go in the holes of the 3 bars inside the frame.

Do I really have anything to blog about?

I have been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for a few weeks.  I decided to just take the plunge.  This blog will contain mostly recipes and craft/home projects that I do.  Brady and I are pretty frugal so occasionally I will share my "tips".  I promise that my posts will not be 20 pages long....I do not have the attention span to write that much in a blog!  I hope you enjoy!