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Hi Everyone!

It has been a long time since I have blogged.  I started this post on July 29th.  I had it all finished and I was just waiting for Brady to get home from Italy to proofread it.  Well before he got home some things happened and this post became irrelevant. Now, 4 months later, I am ready to publish this story.

The post was a detailed story on our journey to become parents.  I am going to give the highlights and not very specific details because it is a long story that has a lot of heartache in it.  We started fertility treatments in 2010.  After a year of drugs and lots of doctor appointments, I got pregnant.  I miscarried at 10 weeks. After taking a few months off to grieve and let my body heal, we started trying again.  After 7 months, I was pregnant again...only to have another miscarriage.  After that miscarriage, we did some genetic testing.  Nothing serious came back, except for my blood clots faster than it should.  We were told what we would have to do carry a healthy pregnancy. We started up fertility treatments once again.

During this time we felt like we needed to pursue other avenues.  We took a class to become foster parents.  We finished the class but never got licensed.  I had many fears about doing this...the main one being that foster care is supposed to be a temporary home for children while their family gets the help needed and heals.  I was not sure my heart could take getting attached to another child only for them to leave my home.

Private adoption seemed like it would be a great option for us.  We talked to a few of our friends that have adopted.  From there we submitted our paperwork to an agency and two adoption lawyers on July 30th.

Remember I said I started this blog post on July 29th?  Well this is where our world turned a little chaotic.  On July 30th I dropped Brady off at the airport so he could go to Italy for work.  I then delivered our adoption paperwork to the designated offices. On July 31st the adoption agency called and told me that a birth mom saw our profile and wanted to talk to us over the phone.  I talked to her on the 31st.  Brady returned on August 3rd and birth mom signed adoption agreement with us on August 5th.  Birth mom was due on August 18th.  Friends and family rushed to help us get everything we needed done in less than 2 weeks notice. On August 16th I had a phone call with our social worker and birth mom.  She talked about being tired and ready to give birth.  She had a doctors appointment on the 19th and they were going to schedule an induction at that point.  Her appointment was at 11:00 in the morning so I clung to my phone knowing she would be calling soon.  No call came.  I then started calling our social worker and lawyer with no success.  It was not until the next day that I was able to talk to our lawyer.  He said the sentence I had been fearing for the past 24 hours, "She has changed her mind". Once again we had lost another baby.

So here we are almost 4 months later. The purpose of our first post was to get the news out that we wanted to adopt and ask for your prayers as we go through this journey and second if you know anyone that is pregnant and considering adoption to send them our way!
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  1. Nancy Kirk Says:

    I don't know how I missed this, but I'm seeing it now. Thanks for sharing your story, friend. There is power in the sharing of stories and in the journey. We know that God isn't finished yet...there are many more lines to be written in your story. It's not an easy road we are walking. But I can tell you that the view of your life from here...it's beautiful.

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